17 Hysterical Office Pranks Every Office Joker Should Try

Why should going into work on a monday be such a drag?. It doesn’t have to be, there are a whole number of ways you can make it a little more fun, and here are 17 pranks that will do just that. Although the last one is a little extreme….

The proper way to use a stapler in an office.

A bacon mouse. How could anyone get angry about this?.

The Jell-O prank. LOL.

Very cheap and easy to pull this one off, and very effective.

Everyday is a gift to be at work, let your colleagues know this.

Turning the bathroom sink into awesomeness.

If those annoying loud phone calls are getting too much, this is the solution.

Leaving hints that you think your co-workers desk is dirty.

This is for one of those people who love post-it notes a little too much.

This one is pretty cool, but perhaps a little time consuming.

As if anyone would be upset about finding this at their desk.

The more balloons you can get the better this prank is.

If it wasn’t so awesome, it would be hard to justify.

Show an interest in your co-workers passions.

Doing this to someones keyboard will not brighten up their day.

This office prank will scare the hell out of someone.

Ok, this is totally unsafe, you probably shouldn’t go this far.

I would recommend only playing these pranks on people who will take it well and appreciate the joke. However perhaps leave bears out. Bears are dangerous.

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