20 Important Facts Dog Lovers Must Never Forget

Dogs are loyal animals who love us no matter what. Because of this, they have feelings and thoughts too. We should remember this if we want to give them the best life possible. Here are 20 facts we should not forget..

Don’t be upset mad with me if I jump for joy when you come home.
I dont live as long as you. And the time I do have is spent with you. I miss you when you leave me.

Give me a chance to understand what it is you want
I won’t get it right all the time, but i’ll always try my best.

Put your trust in me.
In the same way that I trust you, I need you to trust me too.

Dont stay mad at me forever. And don’t punish me for long.
You have your friends and family to keep you company. You are my only company.

Dont leave me outside when the weather gets bad.
The outside doesn’t have a heater and its freezing. Im not asking to sleep in your bed or on the sofa, but the kitchen floor will be better than this.

Speak to me.
We might not be able to talk back, but your voice makes us happy.

Look after me when I’m scared.
You know what all those loud noises and people out there are, I don’t. I need you to comfort me. I always feel safer when I am with you.

Remember i’ll never forget the way you treat me.
Make sure I know that humans are just as loving as we are.

Take me for walks.
All the sights, all the sounds, they are the greatest pleasure for me. We don’t have to walk for ages, you don’t even have to play with me. I just want enjoy the outside with you.

Let me make new buddies.
I might not get on with everyone I meet in the end, but meeting new animals once in a while brightens up my life.

Treat me every so often.
Food is one of my favourite things in life. I know you want to look after me and keep me healthy, but once in a while it would make my day if you gave me a treat or two.

Please don’t hurt me.
I could easily bite you, however I choose to bath you in sloppy kisses. Please don’t hit me.

Understand that I need to be alone sometimes.
Understand that I won’t always want to play, even though its rare. And that I want to sleep sometimes where its cooler.

Show me the big wide world.
Unless you take me anywhere different, I mostly ever see the house of the garden. Take me with you sometimes when you go places, I would love to go with you.

Teach me new tricks.
Teach me new tricks to keep me active, and let me show off in front of your friends. It makes me happy when I see how proud you are.

Let me get messy and have fun sometimes.
Let me get back to my wild roots every so often. Your world is indoors, but I thrive outside.

Touch me and give me hugs.
I may not be able to understand what you are saying, but I can understand how good a hug feels.

Take notice when I don’t seem myself.
It might look like I’m being lazy or boring, but sometimes if I am not myself, I might need your help.

Love me always, even when I am older.
I might not be the puppy I once was, but I still love you the same. Look after me when my body is no longer as young.

Be by my side on my final journey.
It won’t be easy, but I need you buy my side. I have spent my entire life by your side, and need you there as I leave this world.

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