22 Hilarious Photoshop Trolls Part 2

So we have already featured photoshop trolls before here, however it seems there is still plenty of them about. Be careful what you ask for on the internet, or better yet learn photoshop yourself!. Here are 22 more hilarious photoshop trolls.

Can someone restore this photo of my uncle…

We don’t like this guy, please remove him.

Remove the Mexican.

I just want a smaller forehead and less wrinkles…

Asking for face swaps is never going to go well.

Make me thinner and the background more spacey.

My photos all seem so blue. Please help?

Please remove my moustache.

Can you get rid of my sweat satined shirt?

Can someone edit in a lip ring?

These wheels on that vehicle

Please create my future car!

Can you crop the man on the bike out?

I think you can do this in photoshop? can someone remove the headshot.

Can you put these wheels on this bmw. Thanks.

Can you make the background black?

Is it possible to restore this image in photoshop?

Where did my wheels go!?

How would I go about putting these images together?

I can’t seem to merge my face with this photo

Can you tidy up the background for me?

Can you put some golden/bronze wheels on my ride.

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