30 Haunting Images of Abandoned Olympic Venues

It would appear that as quick as olympic venues are put up these days, they fall even faster. Here are 30 images of abandoned olympic venues of the past. Some more recent than you would think.

Sarajevo 1984 Winter Olympics
Ski Jump Medal Podium

Mount Igman Ski Jump

Top of Jump

Judges stand

Overgrown Bobsled Track

Graffiti on bottom turn of the track

Remains of the Olympic Village

Athens 2004 Summer Olympics
Main Fountain Entrance

Diving pool at the Aquatic Center

Volleyball Arena

OAKA Main Sports Hall

Field Hockey Stadium

Multi-Million dollar softball complex

1972 Munich Summer Olympics Abandoned Train Station

2008 Beijing Summer Olympics

“Bird’s Nest” Opening Ceremonies Venue

Beach Volleyball Stadium

Rowing Canal

Beijing Baseball Stadium

BMX Track

1936 Berlin Summer Olympics

Olympic Village

Main Amphitheater

Diving Venue

Helsinki 1952 Summer Olympics

Main Swimming Stadium.

The Olympics are a wonderful way to bring the world together, but this is an aftermath most people don’t see. With the 2014 games finished in Sochi, you have to wonder what the $50 Billion pop-up city will look like years from now.

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