35 Beautiful Moments When We Loved Each Other In The Face Of Violence

Humans do the most incredible things sometimes, and can show such compassion in the face of violence. Here are 35 beautiful images that will make you feel warm inside.

Man playing piano for police [Kiev, Ukraine, 2013]

A student protesting education reform leans in to kiss a riot officer [Bogotá, Colombia, 2011]

A brave priest organises a human shield between protestors and police [Kiev, Ukraine, 2013]

Woman defends a wounded protester from a military bulldozer [Egypt, 2013]

Protesters dressed as clowns entertain guards at a G20 meeting [Toronto, Canada, 2010]

An anti-government protester offers a rose to a soldier [Bangkok, Thailand, 2013]

Brazilian protester carrying an injured officer to safety [Sao Paulo, Brazil, 2012]

A student protesting education reform hugs a policeman [Bogotá, Colombia, 2011]

Child touches his reflection during a KKK demonstration [Georgia, USA, 1992]

Flower power during the Vietnam War Protests [Arlington, Virginia, 1967]

A young boy offers a heart-shaped balloon to police [Bucharest, Romania, 2012]

An Iranian police officer is protected by civilians after being beaten by rioters [Tehran, Iran, 2009]

Riot police and protesters share a cry together [Sofia, Bulgaria, 2013]

Caring citizens offer tea to British riot police [London, England, 2011]

Egyptian woman kisses a policeman during the revolution against the Mubarak Government [Egypt, 2011]

Greek protester and policeman take a cigarette break during austerity protests [Athens, Greece, 2011]

A child poses beside National Guard members during the LA Riots [Los Angeles, USA, 1992]

Citizens band together to clean up the mess following London riots [London, England, 2011]

An injured woman is helped by her boyfriend after disappointed hockey fans turn violent [Vancouver, Canada, 2011]

Tunisian man holds back riot police with a baguette during the revolution [Tunisia, 2010-11]

Protesters share crackers with Colombian riot police [Columbia, 2013]

Riot police help a woman affected by tear gas [Ankara, Turkey, 2013]

Woman successfully defends a group of cornered riot officers from angry protesters [Bogotá, Colombia, 2013]

Girl hands water to two officers [Bosnia, 2013]

Young protester embraces police officer [Lisbon, Portugal, 2012]

Christians protecting Muslims as they pray during the revolution [Cairo, Egypt, 2011]

Mourners form a 5-mile barrier between a soldier’s funeral and the Westboro Baptist Church [USA, 2012]

Protesters in Brazil bring cake to an officer for his birthday [Brazil, 2013]

German riot officers take off their helmets and escort Occupy protesters [Frankfurt, Germany, 2011]

A Turkish couple moments after being doused by water cannons [Istanbul, Turkey, 2013]

Protesters help a dog affected by tear gas [Istanbul, Turkey, 2013]

Berkeley professor teaches his class on the side of a building after an evacuation following protest [University of California, USA, 2011]

Syrian war orphan shows revolutionary spirit as he calls for Saudi support of the rebels [Saudi Arabia, 2012]

Occupy protesters help a woman in a wheelchair escape teargas [Oakland, USA, 2011]

Egyptians embrace army soldiers after they refuse orders to fire on civilians [Cairo, Egypt, 2011]

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