After 60 Years Of Marriage, They Ended Their Love In The Most Perfect Way Imaginable.


Floreen and Ed were married for sixty years, and even in the very end, it was clear that nothing could keep them apart. Their story will remind you what true love is all about...

Ed and Floreen were lying in hospital beds across town from each other. That's when they had one last wish--a perfect end to their lives together.


The two seemed like the classic love story from the time they were married in 1953. Ed was infamous among family and friends for doting on Floreen, providing her with little gifts to surprise her, and always doing little acts of kindness to brighten her day. He'd warm up her car before she got out of work, do all the grocery shopping and bring home flowers, and even bring her treats when she was working. Family members called him "Saint Edward," always amazed by how tirelessly he showed his love for Floreen.


When people asked Floreen what she'd ever do without Ed, she replied simply that she hoped that he wouldn't pass away before her.

They suffered health problems in their later years, and when Ed felt that he was going to die, his only wish was to join Floreen at her hospital. In order for Ed and Floreen to be together, the hospitals had to agree to accepting Ed as a patient at the other establishment. After some stiff negotiations by social workers, Ed was set to be transported to the same hospital as Floreen. The trip was 35 miles, and his caretakers weren't sure that Ed was going to survive the trek. After a few days waiting for him to gain enough strength, they allowed him to go.


"As if by miracle," some described it, Ed survived the trip and reached his wife's side. The two patients had their beds moved next to each other so that they could hold hands.

Floreen died the morning after Ed arrived, and he held her hand until the very end. 36 hours later, Ed passed away. Their daughter, Renee Hirsch, remarked that her father was a "gentleman right up to the end, waiting for her to go first." It was clear that Ed's priority was supporting Floreen, even as he approached his own death.


The two had a joint funeral the day before Valentine's Day.

After such amazing lives together, there's no doubt that these two were made for each other. So much so that their love was the only thing keeping them alive. It's heartbreaking--but a truly beautiful story.

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