Pitcairn Island, One Of The Most Beautiful Places On Earth

This is Pitcairn Island, and would be considered by most people as the very definition of paradise. Good news for those wanting to live here, they have just started taking applications from the public. There is currently only 48 people living on the island, and you will want to be the 49th when you see how stunning it is.

Be Prepared: This volcanic island is rocky and hard to get to. You won’t be receiving many visitors.

There’s only one sandy beach on Pitcairn Island. As an islander, this is what your backyard will look like.

And here is your luxurious swimming pool, which doubles as a fishing destination.

Your gym will arguably have the best view in the world…

Your neighbors will be descendents of sailors who mutineed on the HMS Bounty in 1979…

Of course, their children will be your best guides to the coolest treasures on the island.

Plus, the older folks on the island will tell you about the good old days. (Not too much has changed!)

Islanders rely on tourism for money, but that doesn’t mean you’ll see many tourists. (All sources say they’re few and far between.)

There are no main roads on Pitcairn Island, but there are a few awesome dirt paths for riding your motorbike! (Who needs cars, anyway?)

THIS is fine dining, though many residents don’t eat seafood for religious reasons.

There are so few children on the island, that they all know one another. BFFs are actually for life.

Everyone grows up together and later works together. Here, some islanders pack local honey for shipment.

Don’t worry, though: no one works more than part-time.

Houses nestled in the green hills have wide open entrances rather than doors, since the island is so safe.

Homes aren’t particularly luxurious, but will you really be spending that much time inside?

The most common cause of death on Pitcairn is old age. Most residents live to be at least 90 years old!

We credit Pitcairn residents’ long lifespan to their lifestyle. Whenever they wish, they can sleep under the stars…

..and enjoy sunrises and sunsets that look like perfect paintings.

Pitcairn Island is very isolated, also making it ideal if you dislike people and want to be left alone.

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