30 Awful Parenting Fails

These parenting fails are awful. You have never seen parenting as bad as this.

1. Best not to barbecue your baby.

2. Using your children as a seat.

3. Crocodile piggy backs should be avoided.

4. Letting them play with guns. + Look at that pug.

5. Hitting up the gym with the baby.

6. Baby bag carrier.

7. Well, at least you know were she is.

8. Avoiding warning signs is a bad idea.

9. Children + crocodiles = bad idea.

10. Probably not the best idea.

11. Using a bag a a lead.

12. Locking your child away whilst you shop.

13. What could possibly go wrong?.

14. Shopping with the children done wrong.

15. Plastic bags over heads are never a good idea.

16. Dont let parenting get in the way of shopping.

17. Babys and guns. Lock and load.

18. Using the baby as a tray.

19. Bag baby grow.

20. Keeping the baby in the fridge.

21. A Hooters birthday cake, for a baby.

22. Forgetting you even have children.

23. If they won’t cooperate, drag them by the foot.

24. Cant be a parent now, gotta beat my high score.

25. Turn your baby into a hamster.

26. Oh no, you mean you actually have to cook for your child?

27. That never ended well.

28. Probably best to keep all prams and push chairs on the ground.

29. This dad is about to turn Jedi on this unsuspecting child.

30. Ironing your child.

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