13 Signs You’re In A Relationship With Your Smartphone

We all spend a lot of time on our phones, and some of us more than others. If we lose them, we cry as if they where a loved one. If its getting to the point where other relationships with real people begin to take a strain because you are so attached to your phone, then you might need to take some timeout.

1. You don’t remember how or when it happened.

2. Suddenly, your phone knows you better than you do.

3. It’s putting a damper on other relationships.

4. But you don’t need them. Your phone will comfort you.

5. Its warmth will calm you down.

6. Your friends are getting worried.

7. You try to evade the issue, but need to look up a word that describes how you feel.

8. They just don’t get it!

9. Nothing is more panic-inducing than realizing you left your phone at home.

10. Your hand can’t even function properly at this point without it.

11. Losing your phone is as devastating as losing a loved one.

12. You consider your phone a lifeline and you couldn’t survive without it.

13. Then you wake up, grab your phone and start all over again.

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