15 Unexpected Facts That Will Make You Look At Food Differently

These 16 facts will change the way you see food.

1. No matter what colour they are, Fruit Loops taste the same.
Confirmed by Foodbeast.

2. Whats really happening inside a Cup O’ Noodles.
The extra space is there to let the noodles expand and cook evenly. Not to help cheat you of your well earned meal.

3. Double Stuf Oreo’s only contain 1.86 times the stuf.
Look it up, its science.

4. Cap’n Crunch is not, in fact, a captain.
The three stripes on his uniform clearly make him a commander, not a captain.

5. For years, subway foot longs where actually only 11 inches.
Subway did promise to make things right, but you should always be checking.

6. Douple-dipping spreads the same amount of germs as single dipping.
Just because its true, doesn’t mean you won’t get told of for doing it.

7. Grape nuts do not contain anything to do with grapes, or nuts.
Ingredients: whole grain wheat flour, malted barley flour, isolated soy protein, salt, whole grain barley flour, malt extract, dried yeast. Why are they called that then? who knows.

8. Discontinued Oreo O’s DO still exist — but only in South Korea.
Sadly, there are none left now.

9. Peanuts are not nuts, they are legumes.
And they grow underground, how weird.

10. German chocolate cake is not German.
It’s only called that because a guy called Sam German, who invented baking chocolate.

11. The serving size for Nacho Cheese Doritos is only eleven chips.
This serving size is wrong. Its clearly way to small.

12. Carrots will not make your eyesight better.
You might be needing those glasses after all.

13. Oranges aren’t always orange.
Oranges in warmer tropical climates never get cold enough to break down the chlorophyll in the fruit’s skin, which means they’ll be yellow or green when they’re ripe.

14. The five-second rule is completely made up.
5 seconds is all the time the germs need to latch on to your food.

15. Baby carrots are actually just bigger carrots chopped up.

Via BuzzFeed

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