20 Parenting Hacks That You Need To Know

Being a parent is tough. Thats why you need to know these 20 parentings hacks that might just help make your life a little easier.

1. A baby stroller / scooter. That should make walks in the park a little more fun.

2. Let your children help out with the housework.

3. This adorable mitten.

4. This shield to stop water getting in sensitive eyes.

5. Help your children to get along with a t-shirt like this.

6. Using fake controllers to make gaming time family time.

7. Playing it smart.

8. Make monsters a thing of the past with this “secret formula”.

9. How to secretly tell twins apart.

10. A safe indoor hammock made using a bed sheet.

11. Use an fan to make your kids bed an awesome dome

12. Use these cool little characters to encourage them to brush their teeth.

13. Protect them from the cold with this awesome hat.

14. Making bedtime awesome.

15. Using a muffin cup stops their hands from getting sticky.

16. Using spare socks to warm the toilet.

17. Inspire the kids to turn off the lights and save energy.

18. Use a strong piece of cardboard to create a slide on the stairs.

19. Teach your children modesty in hilarious way.

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