18 Of The Most Shocking & Hilarious Confessions Of Laziness

Reddit users were asked “What is the worst thing you’ve ever done out of laziness?”. Some of the users responses were both hilarious, but also mildly disturbing.

1. Too lazy to do the washing.

2. Using the cats litter box.

3. Not wanting to do the dishes.

4. Technology is great.

5. When nature calls.

6. If you have a fast internet connection…

7. Hiding away from the world…

8. Desperate times.

9. Wow.

10. Living the bachelor lifestyle.

11. I dont think I could ever do this…

12. Smooth criminal.

13. Let nothing stop you from gaming.

14. They really hated cleaning.

15. As long as the boss doesn’t find out.

16. Like a true cowboy.

17. Actually quite smart.

18. And finally, this insightful story.

So have you ever done any of these? or worse?.

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