24 Things Dogs Do When They Are Home Alone

When you leave the house, the dog gets up to all kinds of mischief.

1. I thought I’d get some more toilet roll.

2. Just doing the dishes.

3. It was cold so I made myself an igloo.

4. Gone fishing.

5. Smile at the neighbours.

6. Pull faces at the neighbours.

7. Look for something to eat.

8. Do the paper work.

9. Help tidy the house.

10. Try out new hobbies.

11. Terrorise the cat.

12. Watch some TV.

13. Look for love.

14. Chill in the toilet.

15. Relax on the sofa.

16. Try out a new makeup look.

17. Do some yoga.

18. Look through the wardrobe for a new outfit.

19. Chill in the plant pots.

20. Help make some dinner.

21. Snuggle.

22. Help with festive decorations.

23. Take a nap.

24. Play with the football.

via Distractify

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