25 Reasons Fat Cats Make The Best Pets

Kittens are adorable, yes. There is no disputing that. However there is nothing as cute as a big chubby cuddly cat. These cats are huge, but their huge size makes them the best pets, and heres why.

1. The bigger they get, the more they start to look like other animals. This cat has nearly become a Panda.

2. They look rather seductive when they lay on their side.

3. They will fill you with confidence, encouraging you to try on those skinny jeans.

4. They will more than likely be happy to sit on the sofa with you and chill.

5. Their big bellies are just crying out to be rubbed.

6. They will always provide entertainment trying to fit into stuff far too small for them.

7. And when they fall over, they look like this.

8. When they try and sit up again, they look like this.

9. They look like this when you put them in clothing.

10. Something a little more revealing this time. Maybe taken a little too far…

11. They get stuck, a lot. Which can be amusing.

12. They can sometimes be mistaken for a christmas tree.

13. Because they are bigger, there is more cat for you to love.

14. They look so cute when sat up.

15. When they stretch their bellies look huge. Dont you just want to hug them.

16. Watching them clean themselves can be entertaining.

17. They won’t fit into clothing. Still looking good though.

18. If you are having trouble finishing your food, they will step into help.

19. Watching them ram themselves into spaces far too small… LOL.

20. They will encourage you to take more naps.

21. They could get famous for that extra weight they carry.

22. They are easily tired, making them cute to watch.

23. They have big butts.

24. Fat cats make better superheroes. Fact.

25. And finally, they have no problem joking about their weight.

Via Distractify

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