26 Cool Inventions From The Past That Never Caught On

Some of these 26 Cool inventions might look strange, but they are more than likely what inspired some of the many useful inventions we have in our lives today.

1. A one wheeled motorbike.

2. A man powered dredger.

3. Personal flotation devices made using bike tyres.

4. Steam powered automobile from 1845.

5. A bike that could be used on land and in water.

6. This off road, all-terrain vehicle.

7. A baby stroller with a radio attached to keep the baby occupied.

8. Bathing suits made out of wood.

9. A boat that could be used in a supposed “mini ice age”.

10. This hat & radio hybrid.

11. A windmill that could also drain marsh wetlands.

12. One of the first bulletproof glass prototypes from 1981.

13. A clip on skate, suitable for any shoe size.

14. This awesome extendable trailer.

15. A piano for those who cannot get out of bed.

16. Glasses that let you read whilst laying down.

17. An electrically heated jacket from 1932.

18. This turntable that is linked to a projector.

19. This car net for pedestrians.

20. Sight assistance for the blind using audio.

21. An early solution to the modern day GPS, from 1932.

22. An emergency collapsable bridge.

23. A rubber boat with added boots.

24. A newspaper that could be faxed from other cities.

25. A mask designed to be worn in snow storms.

26. A camera attachment for a Colt 38.

Awesome. Where can i get myself one of those rubber boats with added boots. I need one.

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