The 31 Most Ridiculous Questions Ever Asked On Yahoo Answers

Here are 31 of the most ridiculous questions that have ever been asked on Yahoo Answers. Some of these questions will shock you with how dumb they are. The best part is how hilarious some of the responses are.

You gotta’ love the internet for it gives us some of the most hilarious pieces of content. You know, it’s a big world this we live in and there are more than 7 billion people living in it.

These people have their own ideas, thoughts, beliefs. Some are more or less like ours, but some are really crazy because they’re so much different than our own. Some of the most popular uses of Yahoo answers is:

  • Ask questions that anyone online can answer
  • This was much earlier than Quora
  • Learn new things by the power of the masses

Some people are real intellectuals, spending their days reading, thinking about abstract ideas and contemplating on the human nature. Other people are talented when it comes to computers and exact science, but don’t mind the philosophic part of life.

Other people are just…dumb or just skipped a few classes growing up, or maybe they were just high when they posted their questions on Yahoo Answers, or maybe they just wanted to help us have fun. All of these are possible.

One thing is sure: these questions are some of the most ridiculous questions you’ve ever heard in your life. Moreover, some of the users’ answers to these questions are pure gold also.

The thing is, the internet made it so easy for anyone to ask any kind of question, because they’re protected by the anonymity this vast network provides.

In real life, we’re usually afraid to ask if what kind of milk bees produce, but on Yahoo Answers, who gives a damn about looking dumb? No one! Moreover, you could make the list of the 31 most ridiculous questions ever asked on YahooAnswers with it.

So, the bottom line is: you shouldn’t be afraid to ask the Internet anything, because the Internet will respond and more or less, you will get your desired answer or you’ll be made famous by your silly question. Either way, it’s win-win, as long as we all keep it chill and fun. No bullying allowed here.

With all these being said, dear reader, please enjoy the 31 most ridiculous questions that have ever been asked on Yahoo Answers!

Funny Yahoo answers and questions list begins

1. This just blew my mind.

So, does X divided by itself become 2X? Math is really hard, man! How can they teach this in school?

2. When your love for anime gets a little obsessive.

Maybe there is a door in heaven that reads: Anime TV subscription. You walk through that door and you get to choose the kind of eternal anime subscription you want. Pretty cool stuff, isn’t it?

3. Common sense indeed.

There are phobias and there is common sense. Sometimes, you can just get them wrong, but it’s OK, there’s always Yahoo Answers

4. LOL.

Yo, Monica, what’s you got there?

5. Will I die from eating pizza rolls?.

Farting seems better than dying, or is it? I’m not sure since I’ve never experienced 52 pizza rolls and 2 liters of coke in a single night

6. Probably not. No.

The idea that a prince on a white horse will always come and save you can really hurt sometimes…and when you think it came from an innocent fairytale…

7. How stupid can you be.

Sadly, our parents are not with us for the whole journey, right? At some point we get to outlive them. So we should all ask ourselves: “If my parents are died, then how was I born?”

8. True story.

Somewhere, in the primary school, something happened for the poor Michael. They might have misplaced cows with bees in the first reading books. Poor boy!

9. Nim, you are a wizard.

Dreams are funny and they are complex, been studied since the beginning of men. But this question, I bet no one has ever posed this question before. Probably, not even Freud could have answered this question…Thank God, Yahoo Answers has been invented.

10. What about the other side of the world.

The other side of the world seems to always elude some people. Why is that? Ever wondered?

11. Does the universal rule of gravity apply to India as well?.

Not sure what gravity in India looks like, but I’ve never heard of Swedewald and of toilets flushing upwards, that’s for sure.

12. Stop being a pussy.

Do you just wake up, find out you’re alive and that you’re going to die and ask people on Yahoo Answer what to do?

13. Most creative answer.

I’m not sure which one is funnier, the question or the answer…

14. Not sure if serious or not.

Sometimes, we all ask ourselves just that. Honestly, now, why haven’t they invented a potion that would give you 100% motivation to work?

15. You probably should do that.

I bet we all eat our skin from time to time. Anyone, can you answer this guy’s question here?

16. Why the hell do you want to do that anyway?.

Someone has an evil plan with an elephant and we know nothing about it, just sit here laughing at the whole situation

17. At least they go Bugatti correct.

Yeah, a minivan with 1000+ horsepower. Looks like a nice family car to go to the market and fill it with cabbages and potatoes and all sorts of vegetables.

18. Games have been biting peoples ears!?.

He’s probably been playing Fortnite for 96 hours straight and now is hallucinating. Poor boy!

19. Evolution doesn’t give you wings, Red Bull does.

Probably evolution had no idea about Red Bull, so the effect on pigs was 0.

20. Yes.

Turtles can outrun anyone, let’s be honest. They’re just so damn motivated and never give up.

21. It tastes like chicken.

It usually tastes like thousands of visitors taking stupid pictures in front of it.

22. No, it’s an element.

No, it’s an Infinity Stone, actually. Whoever wields its power, wields the universe.

23. Water is exactly % of celery.

Water, celery, magic potions, these Yahoo Answers are getting just too much

24. Help I have a toast craving.

When pregnancy cravings finally hit and you cannot think straight anymore…

25. Your mum.

The father of the internet would like to remain silent and let all its “pupils” run free on the many “plains” of the Internet.

26. Yes, 100%. That’s a great idea.

So, letting your dog drive when you’ve had a few drinks doesn’t seem like a bad idea, does it? Again, what state do you live in?

27. Any takers?.

People are trying to sell their souls all day and this dude wants to buy one just for backup. Good job!

28. Stick to basic thinking first.

You might be surprised to find out they’re pretty much the same (American). Really, now I am speaking a little bit of British and now just a little more of English.

29. I’m pregnant.

This is not the dumbest question on the internet, but the answer is one of the most legit you could get! GG!

30. Lift with your knees not your back.

Again, not one of the dumbest questions on YahooAnswers, but still, one of the best possible answers to that question. Now, we shall all heed that advice and lift with our knees.

31. Mmmm Dognuts.

Dognuts…hm…this is an interesting product name. I wonder what they are, actually. Maybe a dog’s favourite nuts…maybe.

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