The 34 Most Hilarious But Awful Pet Haircuts

Sometimes you have to ask what the hell the owners were thinking when they let their pets get these awful haircuts. Although to be fair, they do make for some hilarious pictures. Here are 34 of the most hilarious, weird and wonderful animal haircuts.

1. This kitty looks like a tyre.

2. This pug has gone for a comb over.

3. Another sophisticated pooch.

4. This dog pulls off this beard look with ease.

5. Less than impressed with the outcome.

6. This poodle rocking a Pac Man style haircut.

7. A rather wild haircut in the shape of a snail.

8. This dog is sexier than Johnny Depp.

9. Panda dog.

10. Poodle fairy.

11. A horse inspired haircut.

12. This is actually awesome, buffalo dog!.

13. This football star.

14. Not quite sure what this is.

15. Thats one patriotic poodle.

16. This rainbow poodle.

17. And another.

18. Peacock Poodle.

19. Camel dog.

20. A poodle chicken. Ummm…

21. This dog looks a bit like a Pokemon.

22. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

23. Probably the coolest haircut here.

24. Thats a nice outfit you got there.

25. Donkey dog.

26. This is quite cute.



29. Another awesome lion inspired haircut.



32. This dogs butt looks huge. LOL.

33. More lion awesomeness.

34. What kind of haircut is that? poor dog.

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