38 Struggles Only Cat Owners Will Ever Understand

Here are 38 struggles all cat owners can relate to.

1. I want all your food, and attention 

2. They watch your every move

3. You better get it right, and its hard to judge this one

4. A true guide to petting your cat

5. The bed is no longer yours

6. When you start listening to your cat..

7. This. Everytime..

8. Because eating in peace is over rated

9. You know when they are hungry

10. I don’t want your love today

11. They will prevent you from working…

12. You have become the cats bed

13. Fighting over food

14. This is always when you are in a hurry

15. The human climbing frame

16. Not wanting to disturb the cat

17. Sounds about right

18. How it should be, and how it really is…

19. A sudden change in taste

20. Because cats also like to feel educated

21. This looks so comfy…

22. You will not be in the good books for that one

23. Let me help you with that…

24. Why is that?

25. They don’t want to feel left out

26. If its half full, its empty. 

27. Inanimate objects are scary

28. Time to hide

29. Selfie

30. Don’t leave them alone too long

31. Its one or the other. You have to decide..

32. Forget the thing behind me, this box is awesome.

33. Why did you waste all that money.

34. Its getting to that time again

35. What else would they do?

36. They take forever to decide sometimes

37. OMG Paper!! 

38. Do not disturb

Despite the problems they give us. We still love them.

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