9 Embarassing Things People Tried To Erase From The Internet

Once its on the internet, thats it. You will have a hard time removing it.

1. Beyoncé’s publicist tries to eliminate unflattering photos

Beyonce’s half time Super Bowl performance. Probably the least flattering photo ever taken of Beyonce.

2. Barbra Streisand sues to remove an aerial shot of her home

In 2003 a photographer took 12,000 images of the California coastline in order to document coastal erosion. Streisand was not happy her home was in one of the photos. She sued. After she sued the amount of downloads went up to 420,000 in just one month. That backfired then.

3. Irish judge demands “The Internet” delete video

A video of a kid avoiding a taxi fare. The judge said it should be removed from the internet, although he had no idea how that would be done. This is because it wouldn’t be done. It cannot be done.

4. Syria removes itself from the internet

In november 2012 the entire countries internet went down and the government claimed it was a large terrorist cyber attack. It was actually them who turned it off. By December 1, the Internet was back on, but its a stark reminder of how we depend on the internet, and how it can quickly be taken away from us.

5. Technoviking wants his video removed from the Internet

Techno viking saves a woman, parades down a street dancing and a crowd follows. In a video that seems as old as time itself this viral video will always be around. Sorry Techno Viking.

6. Kanye West wants to remove images of him in a skirt

Kanye west decided to put on this skirt like outfit. When people started to ask if he was wearing a skirt or not he answered “Hell no!”. He then tried to get every image of him performing in a skirt off the internet. How did he not see this coming?.

7. Someone tries to erase Soulja Boy from the Internet

In 2013 an anonymous person hijacked Soulja Boy’s YouTiube, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts and deleted them. They got rid of all of his music videos. They got rid of his photos.

8. Law enforcement agencies ask to remove evidence of police brutality

The government asked sites such as YouTube and search engines like Google to remove any evidence of police brutality. And there you were thinking government censorship only exists in the middle east.

9. Bev Stayart sues Google over search results

In 2008 a businesswoman named Bev Stayart Googled herself. We all know google search can be pretty random, so when her name came up alongside Levitra and other drugs used to treat erectile dysfunction she was not best pleased.

She deemed it damaging to herself. So she sued Yahoo! The judge threw the case out. She sued Google. The judge threw the case out. And thanks to all her failed attempts she has now made herself even more famous for being associated with erectile dysfunction. Well done.

Just remember, if you are a public figure anything you do will be used against you. Sometimes it’s better if you just leave things be rather than draw attention to them.

You’ve been warned

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