Every Cat Owner Needs These 30 Awesome Products

Here are 30 hilarious products every cat lover needs to get for their pet. Some of these are ridiculous but super cute.

This awesome swing bed.

A cat burger bed!.

This classy looking king size cat bed.

A radiator bed to keep your kitty warm.

These cool cat silhouette shelves.

This awesome cat trapeze. This could belong in a circus.

This ‘Mommy Bus’.

A cat stroller.

The portable sleepy pod.

This sexy cat beret.

Turn your cat into a Lion with this awesome mane.

An awesome cat blazer.

A Unicorn horn. Doesn’t that cat look happy.

The litter robot, taking care of your cats business.

Nightstand that doubles up as a cat litter box.

A pop up patio for your indoor cat. A Katio.

Awesome looking old furniture repurposed as a toy for cats.

This cat tunnel sofa.

You will have to really love cats to do this. A fully cat customised house.

Cat bookshelves.

An outdoor fun run.

An outdoor cat walk for your house.

This awesome dog shaped cat scratchers.

A very cool looking cat lounger / scratch post.

Catnip Bubbles.

Teyus Music created by musician David Teie, lets your cats listen to songs specially made for them.

This cool looking cat whack-a-mole.

This cat yoga mat.

The cat scratch Dj deck.

The “Meowlingual” cat translator, only available in Japan. Probably doesn’t work anyway.


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