Photographer Captures What It Would Be Like To Have Your Very Own Moon

What if you could have your own personal moon shining its brilliant light on you each night? Russian artist Leonid Tishkov explores what that experience would be like through his project titled Private Moon. Throughout the ongoing series, the man visually professes his love for the moon over and over again and it’s absolutely beautiful.

First, he encounters the luminous moon in various settings and situations, approaching carefully and cautiously.

Like love at first sight, he is stricken with deep affection and drawn to the moon’s warm glow.

He admires and watches over the radiant crescent from a modest distance…

…and gets in close to embrace her.

The man spoils the moon with a fruitful bounty of gifts.

He shares an intimate cup of tea beside the moon’s inviting luminescence.

The two take a romantic ride together in a row boat.

The man protects his beloved moon from oncoming danger.

And the two share a bed, wanting nothing more than to be near one another.

If a man can fall in love with a computer in the Oscar-nominated film Her, why can’t he fall in love with the moon?

You can follow Leonid’s never-ending love story here.

via Distractify

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