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10 Amazing Inventions That Change The Pizza Game Forever

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Ontario pizza chain Boston Pizza have come up with this new awesome campaign titled "Pizza game changers". Some of the inventions they have come up with are truly epic, and the idea behind the campaign is even better. You can vote on your favourite inventions, and the most popular will actually be made.

Pizza-Flavored Mints


To share that special kiss with a loved one.

Pizza Beardkin


To make sure you don't miss a single bit.

Pizza Protector


To stop those selfish room mates or family members taking your precious pizza.

Pizza Car Freshener


To get you in the mood as you drive home from work.

Pizza Cake


This looks absolutely epic. Enough said.

Pizza Sliders


A burger wrapped inside a pizza.

Pizza Pocket


For all of those out there who want to have swag and pizza at the same time.

Pizza Cheese Clippers


To stop that awkward infinite string of cheese.

Pizza Taco


Two epic meals combined to form the ultimate.

Gas-Powered Pizza Cutter


No need for health and safety. The pizza needs cutting quick and this will get the job done.

vote here for your favourite invention, and it may just come to life!.

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