21 Hilarious Sign Fails

Whoever designed these 21 signs was clearly not thinking straight, because they were way off. Some of these are hilarious, but should probably be changed pretty soon.

1. Thats not what my school playground looked like.

2. I’ll take a chocolate croissant instead.

3. Hopefully lifeguards dont take the same approach.

4. Suddenly not feeling as hungry.

5. I’ll take my chances on this one.

6. All babies now come with built in wi-fi.

7. Okay, fine.

8. Someone didn’t take too kindly to this vandalism poster.

9. Good luck starting a fire with these…

10.Talk about sending mixed messages.

11. If this were possible, it would be the most unhealthy habit on earth.

12. Mc lovin it.

13. The least effective sign in the world.

14. You had one job.

15. Sounds like a pretty wild event.

16. OMG what happened to those children?

17. Well this isn’t what we were expecting.

18. No wonder its lost.

19. If you smoke, you have been doing it wrong.

20. You can never ever trust technology.

21. If you are going to slip, do it like a boss.

via Viral Nova

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