24 Amazing Celebrity Portraits Made Using Unusual Materials

These incredible celebrity portraits were all made from unusual materials. Its amazing what you can use to create such incredible lifelike portraits.

Tina Fey, made from rubbish.

Jay-Z, made from computer keys.

Barack Obama created from wire.

Taylor Swift made from Good & Plenty candies.

Michael Jackson created using Lego.

Kevin Bacon, made of bacon.

Jack Nicholson in trash form.

Dexter & Kim Kardashian, made from Red Vines.

Charles darwin made of feathers.

Robert Smith made from a cassette tape.

T.I made of paper.

Courtney Love & Michael Jackson, made of pills.

Marilyn Munro made of beads.

Lindsay Lohan made from trash.

Damien Hirst made from a canvas of thread.

Willy Wonka made from licorice.

Hugh Laurie made of computer keys.

Big Bird made from Fruit Loops.

Steve Jobs made from old computer parts.

Osama Bin ladin made from wire.

Sir Richard Branson made of postage stamps.

The Beatles made from a full english.

Amelia Earhart, made from the landscape.

Tina Fey & Alec Baldwin, made from Nerds.

via Distractify

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