26 Brilliant Photographs Taken From Plane Windows

These amazing photographs taken from plane windows are a good enough reason for you to try and sit in the window seat next time you fly.

Chicago’s skyline reflected in Lake Michigan. By Mark Hersch.

By Haley Luna.

A Solar eclipse at 44,000 ft. By Ben Cooper.

The highest point in Africa. By Kyle Mijolf.

By Florian Seiffert.

By Neil Howard.

By. Cody.H.

By Richard Skoonberg.

Norway. By Mariusz Kluzniak.

By Mark Stevens.

By Tim Caynes.

By Mariusz Kluzniak.

By Alan Wolf.

Warsaw, Poland. By Chris.

Los Angeles, USA. By Tom Anderson.

Prambanan Temple, Indonesia. By killerturnip.

By Francisco Martins.

Mount Taranaki, NZ. By Jon Sullivan.

By Jonathan Nightingale.

New York City, USA. By Linh Nguyen.

By Mloge.

By Michael Matti.

By Pedro Moura Pinheiro.

By Obvlious Dude.

By Kim Seng.

By Tom Anderson.

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