These 26 People Are Unbelievably Lucky

These 26 people got so lucky its almost unreal.

1. A lesson to never walk in front of ski jumps.

2. This epic shot.

3. Catching a flying bird with one hand.

4. This mid air dodge.

5. This child.

6. The deer that decided to move at the right moment.

7. This guy who fell over at a good time.

8. Whoever got this amazing 3 for 1 deal.

9. Avoiding the most athletic deer ever.

10. This fortunate driver.

11. This very lucky motorcyclist.

12. This driver who thinks its GTA.

13. These people avoiding this car.

14. This cyclist who should have looked both ways.

15. This guy who is crossing the road at any cost.

16. This guy with the most amazing trick shot ever.

17. These guys who got out of there fast.

18. The pilot who made the perfect decision.

19. The biker who pulled off a cool stunt.

20. This bird risking all the watch Formula 1.

21. The guy who missed the sign.

22. This biker managing to hold on.

23. The skateboard who got off lightly.

24. The diver who avoided becoming this sharks lunch.

25. The rally driver who cannot be stopped.

26. This cameraman.

via BuzzFeed

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