29 Super Creative Business Card Designs

Sometimes normal business card designs just wont have an impact. You have to stand out from the crowd, and in order to do so you have to get creative, just like these businesses have. Here are 29 super creative business card designs that practically sell themselves.

1. This business card doubles as a cheese grater.

2. Mini plungers with the plumbers contact information on the side.

3. Lego characters for each team member of the business.

4. For this wine Sommeli√®re, every card is unique.

5. A yoga business card that doubles up as a mini mat.

6. This gardeners business card that comes with grass seed.

7. An empty frame business card.

8. A yoga instructors business card that asks you to get stretchy.

9. This business card which is also a cool seed packet.

10. Using a transparent business card to have some fun.

11. A business card created using makeup.

12. A very clever dentist cavity card.

13. A business card that doubles as a mini chair.

14. A business card that reveals its information when grilled.

15. A highly useful business card from a bike repair shop.

16. A hairstylist card that you can style yourself.

17. A business card for circumcisions.

18. A card that plays a small tune.

19. A card that transforms into a cargo box.

20. A dried meat card that is edible.

21. A tennis court card.

22. An event photographers card inspired by a cameras view finder.

23. A restaurant named Salt has a salt shaker business card.

24. A business card that rolls up in a “filter”.

25. A tearable business card for a personal trainer.

26. Another personal trainer card that stretches like a resistance band in the gym.

27. Why not have a straw instead of a card like this yoga center.

28. A finance firms business card.

29. A divorce lawyers business card that splits in half.

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