Crazy Man Decides To Cover Himself In Thousands Of Bees

In order to create a real buzz, a beekeeper from named She Ping decided to cover himself in thousands of bees. She ping makes a living from selling honey, and decided to show how dedicated he really is.

She Ping decided to do this to generate interest in his honey business.

Bee bearding is actually a common practice around the world.

Particularly popular were She Ping is from, Chongqing in southwestern China.

It starts when the queen bee is placed in a small cage on the persons body.

The rest of the bee colony follows, surrounding the person.

She Ping only had a plastic bag protecting his head.

Thousands of bee’s covered him. Weighing around 100 lbs.

Ping made sure to have a shower before to remove all scents. He didn’t want to give bees the reason to get a excited.

And afterwards, he didn’t even have a sting on him!.

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