Marutaro The Adorable Hedgehog Has 1,000 Funny Faces

This is Marutaro, who might look like just any other hedgehog. But don’t be fooled by the cuteness.

Marutaro is actually a master of disguise.

And he has many, many different faces.

Marutaro looking fierce.

Sinister Marutaro.

Not looking impressed at all.

Marutaro is angry. RUN!.

Karaoke King.

Looks like he got fed up with the pictures at this point.

Marutaro grew a Goatee.

This time he’s got a bit of a cold.

No matter what Marutaro does, he’s adorable. Watch out hollywood. This is one talented hedgehog.

See more of him on Twitter.

via Distractify

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