20 Amazing Photographs of the Milky Way

Light pollution in urban areas can often ruin our view of the stars at night. Luckily there are still plenty of places were its not such an issue, meaning photographers can capture some absolutely amazing photographs of the Milky Way, just like these.

Photo by Anton Jankovoy.

Photo by Michi B.

Photo by Iurie Belegurschi.

Photo by Goff Kitsawad.

Photo by Dave Morrow.

Photo by Paolo Lombardi.

Photo by Ali Erturk.

Photo by Michael Shainblum.

Photo by Aaron J. Groen.

Photo by Nagesh Mahadev.

Photo by Aaron J. Groen.

Photo by Marina Gondra.

Photo by Elmar Akhmetov.

Photo by Piotr Nikiel.

Photo by Ali Erturk.

Photo by NASA.

Photo by Marius Kasteckas.

Photo by Dariusz Łakomy.

Photo by Thierry Cohen.

via Airows

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