The 25 Most Ridiculous & Bizarre Ways to Die

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These are some of the most ridiculous and bizarre ways that anybody could possibly die, but whats worse is that they are all 100% true. Some of them are complete accidents, others were just asking for it, and number 20 is absolutely disgusting.

1. Basil Brown overdosed on carrot juice in 1974.


2. John Bowen was hit by a flying lawnmower during a halftime football show in 1979.


3. In 1993, Gary Goy threw himself through a window that he was trying to prove was unbreakable.


4. Jimi Heselden drove his Segway off of a cliff in 2010.


5. HMS Trinidad accidentally launched a missile at themselves.


6. Marcus Garvey was reading throw his own obituary and died of shock in 1940


7. Alexander I of Greece got bitten by a domesticated monkey in 1920.


8. Clement Vallandigham was trying to demonstrate to a jury how a victim can shoot themselves when he actually did in 1871.


9. John Kendrick was killed by a cannonball that was fired in honour of him not dying in battle in 1794.


10. Julien Offray de La Mettrie died after eating too much at a feast in her honour.


11. Sigurd the Mighty of Orkney died from an infection after the tooth of a decapitated enemy scratched him on the leg whilst riding his horse in 1892.


12. Sir Arthur Aston was beaten to death by his own wooden leg in 1649.


13. Homer Collyer died in 1947 of starvation in their own home because they were a severe hoarder.


14. Robert Williams was the first man to be killed by a robot after a robots arm in a factory landed on his head in 1979.


15. Gareth Jones died of a hear attack whilst acting, playing a scene in which his character was having a hear attack in 1958.


16. Draco the Athenian lawmaker was given so many gifts in 620 BC he was eventually smothered by them.


17. Qin Shi Huang, the first Emperor of China, ingested pills of mercury in 210 BC, hoping they would grant him eternal life, they didn't.


18. Hans Steininger broke his neck whilst tripping over his own beard in 1567.


19. Jose Luis Ochoa was stabbed by his own knife attached to a cockfighting chicken in 2011.


20. Edward Archbold died after eating too many cockroaches in a cockroach eating competition in 2012. Gross!.


21. Ilda Vitor Maciel died after being injected with soup in 2012.


22. Joao Maria de Souza was killed after a cow fell through her own roof and crushed her in 2013.


23. Wang Hu, a sixteeth century Chinese official died after strapping rockets to a chair and trying to launch himself into the air.


24. Franz Reichelt tried using a coat as a parachute to jump off of the Eiffel Tower in 1911.


25. Jerome Moody drowned at a "No Drowning This Year" party in 1985.


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