Anonymous People Share What Motivates Them When Life Goes To Shit

Reddit users share their stories and life experiences and how they have dealt with some of the toughest times in their lives, and what motivates them the most when everything goes to shit.

2013 was the worst year of my life. My wife of 20 years died at 42. Three months later, my mother died unexpectedly. Three months before, my uncle dropped dead of a heart attack. The only thing that has kept me going was my daughter. My little girl. She rides on the back of my motorcycle, she smiles at me, she’s my constant ray of joy. And now, because I kept going, I’ve met someone who is… Incredible. Here we are, halfway through 2014, and I can see happiness again.


My mom. She raised me and my siblings singlehandedly, she worked 2 minimum wage jobs just to make ends meet and still managed to have tine for us, she never gave up on us. One time she went to work despite spraining her leg the day before. She went through hell and kept going just for us and I’m going to do the same for her.


I have lived in a Post-war african country for 2 years. Whenever I start complaing about anything I remember the meme, first world problems. It makes everything look like a minor incovenience and I stop giving a fuck.


Try not to think about what you’re supposed to do, instead think of what you want. Life’s a brief window in a big universe, so do whatever makes you happy for yourself.
We all die eventually and by then it won’t matter anyway, so relax and enjoy the ride.


I have a saying. No matter how bad things are, I could still make it worse.


2014 has been the absolute shittiest year of my life thus far. Five deaths amongst family members/family friends, two pet deaths, a girl trying to sabotage my relationship for a period (seriously, we’re in our 20s, calm the fuck down), issues at my job, and a ton of other crap blah blah blah.
I try to spend 30 minutes a day doing something that I love (which, yeah, I know, that can be hard when you’re depressed, trust me, I’ve been clinically depressed for a decade). At least I have that small window of time to look forward to. I make time to watch at least one episode of a TV show and embroider at the same time. Or I sit in the park and read a book. Or I longboard around my neighborhood. Just a few minutes to get lost in something that isn’t the stress of life


Good music, and making plans. I know tons of people are in that Carpe Diem mode, and I respect that, I think it’s great to have a part that is left to the unknown. But I also believe in the power of planning things. Like talk it through with the people you love, like saying you want to go on a trip, or start doing exercise, or learn a new language or read this book or whatever. When you talk about it out loud, it makes it real, and it is kinda like you made an promise you’d try, so unconsciously you try harder, and someday you realize you’re doing it and it feels great.
Also I think it’s great that you have the strength and will to try to add a nice thing to your routine everyday, so I want to give you an internet hug and wish you all the best for the end of this year and the one coming after that


This is going to sound callous… but for no reason that ever made any sense, I always had a ton of pride. So when this was at the worst is could possibly be and I wanted to kill myself, I compared myself to so many others who had done so in those kinds of moments and thought… I’m better than them, I’m better than this, and I will not be beaten.


My dog. Without her I probably would have blown my brains out by now.


The fact that tomorrow is always another day, and you can do a whole lot in a day.


I have found that during the toughest times in my life, getting out and doing exercise really helps. I’m not a fitness nut by any means, but I find that exercise can really help clear my head. I particularly like swimming, but also like to go walking around the neighborhood- have a bit of an adventure. I find that treating my body right lifts my mood, even if it is a slight change. Aaaand then I don’t feel like a total slob at the end of the day 😉


I’m just telling myself “Finish what you’ve started”


Spite. The people who tell me I can’t must be proven wrong. All the people who will tell me I can’t must be proven wrong. Giving up is for the weak, and I refuse to fall into that category so easily.


My daughter. She’s almost one – so she isn’t doing anything that’s exciting to anyone but our family, but whenever I’m down a giggle or kiss from her makes me feel 100x better.


My kids. Even when they’re absolute shitheads, I keep going for them because I refuse to give up and disappoint them. Knowing that those two little girls need me more than anything keeps me going when life isn’t easy.


That there is someone, somewhere having a much worse time than me.


I’m adopted from a developing country. I could be a slave or sex industry worker, or a farm worker, yet instead I’m a college student at a very well renowned college who will (hopefully) at worst be a lower class American citizen with money woes. you know, compared to “am I gonna LIVE?” woes. I know this is extreme but thats what keeps me going.


So, what motivates you when life gets you down?

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