This Guy Opened a Time Capsule from 1993, What He Found Is Awesome

This Redditor buried a time capsule when he was 10 years old in 1993. This week he decided to open that time capsule a little earlier than first planned. What he found inside is awesome. Everyone should make a time capsule for themselves to open in the future.

This is time Capsule 30823, buried by Aaron Schaefer on 4/29/93 at 00:00. originally destined to be opened no earlier than 2050, but perhaps that was a little too ambitious.

Batteries were the first thing at the top of the capsule, Aaron had thought they might be in short supply in the future.

Jammed full.

Emptied out.

Plane & Tank – Radio Shack. Unfortunately he packed all the right batteries except the ones that fit this game.

Some money and crystals. The crystals are actually just sugar crystals, but they looked pretty cool.

There was also plenty of awesome family pictures and pet photos.

Art supplies, batteries and a scorpion!.

TV Guide’s 40th Anniversary Collector’s Edition.

An historic object contentment envelope filled with ‘Favourite Rocks’.

He certainly had an awesome rock collection for a 10 year old.

And another envelope filled with Baseball, Football, and Basketball Cards.

And his favourite magic trick.

Which turns out isn’t as impressive after all.

source: imgur

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