The Most Insane Lamborghinis of Japan's Customising Underworld

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The way in which the Yakuza in Tokyo's customising underworld customise their Lamborghini's is on another level of epic. If you are not getting enough attention in your Lamborghini then the answer is simple, add flashing LED lights, custom vinyl wraps and strings of coloured LEDs.

It all started when Japan based director and cinematographer Luke Huxham created a small documentary offering a peek into a subculture born from illegal motorcycle gangs full of young daredevils. Huxham gains access to this subculture and explores the gang and its customised supercars.


Its a bit of a grey area on how they come to afford these amazing rides, but they say that their cars are the ultimate expression of themselves. The highlight of these customised cars is the one of a kind Lamborghini wrapped in holographic vinyl. It wont be to everyones taste thats for sure, but you have to hand it to them, they are certainly different.