You Need to See This If You Want to Make the Coolest Chocolate Ever

This Reddit user decided to have a go at creating some of the coolest chocolates ever using only a few simple ingredients, it paid off because these look amazing.

The colour effect is created using cocoa butter and food dye

Leave to chill and set in the fridge.

Then wash away most of the cocoa butter using hot water.

The idea here is that will melt the cocoa butter, and as the water evaporates will leave the cocoa butter in the shape of the droplet.

Once dry, fill in with any background colours you like.

Create the shells with tempered chocolate. Fill them, and rain the excess off. Then leave them to set in the fridge again.

Once set you can add anything you like to the inside.. such as toffee pieces.

Then fill them up with Nutella and let them set again.

Near the top right you can see the cool water effect, which happens with varying success.

And there you have it, awesome homemade chocolates that look and taste amazing.

source: Imgur

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