Solar Roadways Could Be the Future for Renewable Energy

This invention could be the future for roads and pathways around the world, and it looks awesome. Created by Julie and Scott Brusaw, Solar Roadways can withstand weights of up to 250,000 pounds. The solar panels can be installed literally on any surface under the sun. They are a green and renewable energy, and they also pay for themselves overtime due to the electricity they generate.

If it was installed nationwide (US) it would generate more energy than is used.

In the future it could be possible to charge electric cars whilst driving through mutual induction.

They also have some other cool functions, such as LEDs for road lighting and the ability to heat up to melt away ice and snow.

The glass surface of the panels have been tested for traction, load testing and impact resistance in civil engineering laboratories and exceeded all of the requirements.

Julie and Scott Brusaw, Co-Founders of Solar Roadways. Scott is an electrical engineer with over 20 years experience.

And everyone will be pleased to know its safe for dogs!. This could be the future, if Solar Roadways gets the funding it needs, and deserves.

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