The 13 Creepiest Social Networks


Here are the 13 creepiest social networks out there. We guarantee you use at least two of them..

13. Google +


Why it's creepy: No one really knows what it is. Perhaps they know of a friend who knows a person who has an account on Google +, but that person is considered a creep anyway.

12. Vine

Why it's creepy: Annoying people filming themselves for six seconds at a time.

11. Pinterest


Why it's creepy: Because there is always a friend who uses it regularly, has pinned hundreds of photos to wedding boards and seems to have planned out their entire life. But they are still single.

10. Foursquare


Why it's creepy: The random adds you get from anybody and everybody. Hey, add me because we both went to the same cafe once!.

9. Reddit


Why it's creepy: The fact that you have no idea who anyone on Reddit actually is.

8. MySpace


Why it's creepy: What is this anymore?. It had a top 8 friends thing, but that was just the top 8 people you'd like to get with.

7. Twitter


Why it's creepy: DMs from complete strangers who don't know you well enough to have your number, but decide to hit on you anyway.

6. Instagram


Why it's creepy: Again, its the direct feature. Just like Snapchat, but what you send never goes away. Just remember that.



Why it's creepy: Anything asked on is creepy. It's that simple.

4. Tumblr


Why it's creepy: The search tab. You search for something like "cute kitten GIF" and end up getting WAY more than you bargained for.

3. LinkedIn


Why it's creepy: Because LinkedIn is 'online business networking' and that is creepy.

2. Facebook


Why it's creepy: The poke feature. What the hell is it? and its the source of endless penis jokes. Thats what the poke is, a virtual penis.

1. Snapchat


Why it's creepy: Everything ever sent on Snapchat is creepy. It's overly revealing and beyond ridiculous because anything you send is gone within 10 seconds. All those terrible memories erased.

h/t buzz feed