17 Amazing City Night Skylines From Around the World

Cities all around the world are busy places during the day, but it is at night that they really seem to come alive. Building lights and street lights brighten up the nights sky, and although this causes light pollution its hard to deny how beautiful these landscapes are.

London. Photo by Jason Hawkes

Paris. Photo by Unknown

Barcelona. Photo by Marcello Scotti

Dubai. Photo by Unknown

Singapore. Photo by xtremewallpapers

Tokyo . Photo by imglover

Sydney . Photo by HDWallpapers

Bangkok . Photo by Mathias Krumbholz

Rio de Janeiro .Photo by Mark Goble

Frankfurt, Germany. Photo by photomek

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Photo by Unknown

Lviv, Ukraine. Photo by Unknown

Philadelphia, United States. Photo by Unknown

Malaga, Spain. Photo by Gregor Pogöschnik

Damascus, Syria. Photo by source

Rome, Italy. Photo via www.comicvine.com

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