The 25 Worst Pinterest Fails Ever Created

Its official. Pinterest is responsible for some of the worst creations known to man. Some of these monstrosities will leave you astounded.

1. Cookie Monster not looking so good.

2. Baby in a pumpkin = crying baby.

3. 100% nailed it. The resemblance is incredible.

4. Gingerbread mini village kit gone wrong.

5. A piece of art created using crayons.

6. Chocolate covered kiwi popsicles.

7. These shark cupcakes are hideous.

8. You totally did it right.

9. Train crash.

10. Wow. These chicks look pretty down on life.

11. A for effort. 0 for execution.

12. Nearly.

13. The baby does not look happy about this situation.

14. Best hedgehog cake ever.

15. If your glow jar doesn’t glow then you are doing it wrong.

16. This is truly the most terrifying creation ever. The cake is pretty bad too.

17. Origami win!.

18. Should have never been attempted.

19. Who knows what happened here….

20. The end result is not so appetising.

21.  Expectations Vs. Reality.

22. Only nailed the splatter part.

23. Bottle bottom flowers.

24. The cake at the top looks amazing. The cake below it is slightly less appealing.

25. You are doing it so wrong.

What we should have all learnt from this is:

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