30 of the Worst Supercar Crashes Ever

With great power comes great responsibility. Unfortunately these supercar drivers didn’t know that, and ended up destroying their amazing cars. Here are 30 of the worst supercar crashes ever.

Just needs some T-cut and that will polish out.

doesn’t look that bad honest….

This person didn’t realise he was driving a Nissan GTR. This is what happens.

Wheres the other half of the car?

This was a a McLaren MP4-12C. It still is. Just not as fast now.


This Ferrari and Lamborghini going for a cheeky swim.

Still drives fine though.

The camber on this Carrera GT is insane. You would normally pay good money for camber that severe.

Ferrari 0  – Pole 1.

This person doesn’t understand what breaks are.

Good way to park your car.

Just need to flip it over and it will be as good as new.

The Lamborghini wanted to go for a swim, the driver disagreed.

A few minor dents here and there, nothing major.

What happens when a Lamborghini and a garage disagree.

Nice and crisp.

Easy way to make your GTR a soft top.

Who needs a bumper when you’ve got speed. oh wait.

New way of parking.

Lamborghini 0 – Pole 1

Give it a nice wash and it will come out fine.

Cooking away nicely.

Still turns fine.

So much supercar carnage in one picture.

So low it almost fits under normal cars. 

Poor Mercedes. 

Someone was a bit to throttle happy.

Nice parking.

In all seriousness, speeding is clearly very dangerous. Buckle up, and drive safe.

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