31 Sights You Will Only Ever See in Dubai

Dubai is a pretty wealthy place. With all that money people are always coming up with crazy things to spend it on. The end result is some of the strangest sights you have ever seen. Here are 31 sights you will only ever see in Dubai.

1. Exotic pets in cars.

2. Texting in the drivers seat. Passenger riding shotgun.

3. Even more exotic pets in cars.

4. Ok. Theres a lot of this.

5. People riding lions.

6. Bus stops with air conditioning.

7. Exotic pets eating sharks.

8. The average traffic jam.

9. The solution to the problem above.

10. Lions on boats.

11. Camels in a car park.

12. Twisting skyscrapers.

13. Lions chilling on fancy cars.

14. A ski slope inside a shopping mall.

15. One backseat driver you do not want to upset.

16. Exotic police cars.

17. Road hogs. Wide vehicles.

18. Even wider.

19. Strange balancing acts.

20. Phones that cost more than an average house.

21. Gold vending machines.

22. Groom adverts.

23. Free food for the poor.

24. Sharks not allowed on metro.

25. Culture clashes.

26. Tennis courts suspended in mid air.

27. Crazy views.

28. Even more crazy views.

29. Camels on trucks.

30. Gold on gold on gold cars.

31. Even more exotic police cars.


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