Hilarious Reactions as a Stranger Falls Asleep on NYC Subway Passengers

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It's one of the most awkward social situations anyone can imagine when taking the subway or train. The stranger sitting next to you falls asleep on your shoulder. What do you do!? do you accept that they are just tired and deal with it or do you run away in terror disgusted by what has just happened?

Here is how these people reacted to a total stranger falling asleep on them whilst on the NYC subway.


This couple decided to make fun of the situation with a selfie.


This lady didn't really seem to mind.


This lady was having none of it. That look of disgust is brilliant!.


This guy saw what was coming and made sure it didn't happen to him with a death stare.


He seemed to kind of like it.


This lady decided to join in.


And this man loved it too.

It's fascinating to see how different people react to the same awkward situation. How would you or your friends react if it happened to you?.

source: georgeferrandi.com