We All Know Adverts Lie, but Just How Much Will Shock You


It's already common knowledge that advertisers will do pretty much anything to sell a product, and that includes somewhat bending the truth. But how much they lie is actually quite shocking.

This new infographic series by finances online reveals just how far advertisers will go in order to sell their products. The items you see on TV, billboards, posters and online are often far from what you get.


To show the differences between common adverts and actual products, they compared popular foods, hotels and fashion brands. The differences are shocking.


Frozen food packages are common offenders, and often display fresh food which is nicely plated. We all know thats far from the truth.


This shocking infographic reveals just how far they will go to take good images of food to use for advertising. It would seem anything goes as long as the picture looks the part.


It's not just food however. Hotels are repeat offenders too. Using trick photography to make somewhere look far more appealing than it actually is.


And of course, cosmetics are always at it too.


The most hilarious examples is kids toys. The children in the adverts must have been tiny.


And the most shocking fact of it all. Nearly half of the U.S. seem to think advertising is 'fairly honest', and thats a statistic that probably holds true for the rest of the world.