“Rich Private School Kids” Snapchat Is as Bad as It Sounds

Thats right, a Snapchat devoted to all things rich and pretentious and it’s just as bad as you would expect it to be.

1. Which Ferrari to choose? #firstworldproblems

2. Louis Vuitton smoke alarm accessories.

3. Watching time go by on the Rolex.

4. No umbrella? no problem.

5. They even have Lamborghini hoovers.

6. Training to shoot the lower classes.

7. They have too much cash to fit in their wallets.

8. Giving cash to peasants is a favourite pass time…

9. Ughhh butlers are so annoying.

10. Getting a new pool is #nothingspecial

11. The last purchase was only a Bugatti

12. When your school gets a causal visit from the Queen.

13. Ohh the tough decisions.

14. No knife, just use an iPad.

15. When you are so rich, dad does the school run in a helicopter.

16. Tough choices have to be made.

17. Using iPads as place mats.

18. When your house looks more like a palace:

19. People who are not rich are “Plebs”

20. Going back to school via Jet.

21. Using notes as toilet paper.

22. When this much is just pocket money.

23. When you are so rich you walk your iPhone.

24. Normal people are animals in a Zoo.

25. Isn’t daddy the generous type.

26. When your birthday present is an R8.

27. Getting taught tax aversion is standard in private school.

28. And finally, no school equipment list is complete without a £10,000 pen.

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