8 of the Strangest Things Ever Sent into Space

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We have sent some pretty cool, weird and wonderful stuff into space. It's actually quite awesome that we are able to. Here are 8 of the strangest things ever sent into space, some of them will blow your mind.

strange things sent into space

During the Apollo 14 mission Alan Shepard informed NASA's Mission Control that he "happened to have" a six-iron golf club that he had attached to the handle of a lunar scoop. Once he managed to hit the ball it went on for miles and miles. When he returned to earth he donated the club to the U.S. Golf Association.

strange things sent into space

When Charles Duke made history and became the youngest person ever to walk on the moon, that was just not enough. In an act to leave behind a longer living legacy, he left a portrait of his family on the moon.


In 2014, Japanese artist Azuma Makoto decided that a normal exhibit just would not do, so he decided to move take his art to another level. Sending a Bonsai tree into space.

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In 2014 a group of people decided to launch a Bobblehead of Walter White, otherwise known as Heisenberg from Breaking Bad, into space. Because they can.

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This lego man was sent into space by two Canadian teenagers with a helium balloon. They managed to reach 80000 feet and captured the moment using four old digital cameras. They pulled all of this off for just $400.

strange things sent into space

The Voyager-1 and 2 phonograph records contain 116 analogue images, natural sounds of earth, a printed message from Jimmy Carter and U.N Secretary-General Kurt Waldheim and greetings in 55 languages. How cool is that.

strange things sent into space

This 3" tall sculpture of an astronaut is made of aluminium and has been left on the moon, placed there by the Apollo 15 mission on August 1st 1971. It's a memorial to dead astronauts and cosmonauts. There is a plaque next to the sculpture which lists 14 people who have died, but not all directly due to spaceflight.

sex doll launched into space

Someone decided recently to send a sex doll into space. Everyone was amazed to learn that the doll didn't blow up or burst under the atmospheric pressure even to heights in excess of 100,000 feet!. Eventually it did burst however, and you can watch it all here.

Is there anything that we haven't or won't send into space? it would appear that nothing is off limits due to modern technology.