18 Life Hacks Actually worth Knowing

We have covered our fair share of lifehacks before, but these ones we could actually see ourselves using on a day to day basis. Here are 18 life hacks actually worth knowing.

1. A lifehack to take to work.

2. A useful tip for presentations.

3. Clear nail varnish will stop the thread of buttons unravelling and falling off.

4. By turning a half-filled Nalgene bottle on its side you can leave room to make ice water.

5. Salvage old flip-flops with bread bag tags.

6. How to tie a tie.

7. Ice cream + Nutella = WIN.

8. Use a fork when dunking Oreos.

9. Create more space in your closet.

10. Ramen is cheap, and this is how you make it amazing.

11. Make your room smell nice.

12. How to easily peel a boiled egg.

13. How to fold a fitted bed sheet.

14. Hair straighteners can be used to iron the collar on your shirt.

15. Hair clips keep long wires organised.

16. Do it yourself icepack.

17. Join your old soap with your new soap.

18. Use toothpaste to clear hazy car headlights.

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