20 Adorable Kids Posing with Their Giant Dogs

They might look a little bit intimidating at first, but giant dogs can be some of the most loving and loyal pets a family will ever have. Not only will they love and protect the family, especially the kids, but they also look ridiculously cute together.

If you need further convincing then just look at these 20 adorable pictures of kids and their giant dogs.

Photo by Corey Sanders

Photo by grin660

Photo by Eyesseymour

Photo by Unknown

Photo by Jen Hendricks

Photo by Elena Shumilova

Photo by Erin Vey

Source: Imgur

Photo by Elena Shumilova

Photo by Erin Vey


Photo by Elena Shumilova

Image source: Flickr



Photo by wallpaperscraft.com

source: dailymail

source: Imgur

Photo by Bret Manippo

Source: imgur

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