25 Pictures of Animals That Will Make Your Heart Melt

Wildlife and nature can sometimes be associated with danger and is often no place for someone to hang about. But these 25 photos show a completely different side to nature that we don’t always get to see. These animals can be just as tender, loving and caring as we can be at times.

“Mum i wanna go play”

Playing in the snow.

They grow up so fast.

“Nobody move”

“I’ve got your tail”

A very proud parent.

“Everybody ssh he’s sleeping”

Swimming time

Loving adorable giraffes.

Hold my hand.

The bird with 10 legs.

“Hold on”

Just taking a nap.

“Give me a kiss”

Mums turned into a boat.

Family lovin.

High and dry.

“What you looking at”

Like father like son.

“This is how you brush your teeth”

Huddle up

Cannot be bothered to walk.


“You need a clean”

“Stand up like me son”

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