27 Incredible Images Reveal the Earths Beauty as Seen from Space

You can travel the world and see some beautiful sights, but nothing compares to the sights seen from space. Few of us will ever be able to see these sights in person, so for now we’ll just have to rely on the amazing photos captured by NASA and those onboard the International Space Station.

Here are 27 incredible images of earth as seen from space that reveal just how beautiful the world is.

1. The northern lights.

2. Mt. Fuji, Japan

3. Taken from the International Space Station. America’s east coast at night.

4. Storm clouds forming over the Atlantic Ocean

5. A mountain range

6. Barrier islands along the northeast coast of Brazil

7. A section of the Amazon river

8. Russia’s Sarychev Peak volcano erupting in 2009

9. Egypt

10. Shanghai

11. The city lights of Dubai

12. The Himalayan mountains

13. One of the most incredible pictures of earth there is.

14. The bright lights of Cairo and Alexandria, Egypt on the Mediterranean coast

15. Storms above California

16. Mbam River, Cameroon

17. Hurricane Ike off the Lesser Antilles as it approaches the Bahamas

18. Bora Bora, Tahaa and Raiatea in French Polynesia

19. Cumulonimbus clouds over Nigeria

20. Northern Gulf coast, Mobile Bay and the city of Mobile at night

21. Alaska is almost always cloudy, making this photograph incredibly rare.

22. Lightning through the yellow city lights of Kuwait and Saudi Arabia

23. Nevada Desert at night

24. A cluster of small islands in the far northern reaches of Lake Michigan.

25. Parts of Europe and Africa are bright at night and easily recognisable from the ISS (International Space Station).

26. Moscow, Russia

27. karst mountains, China

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