8 Ways You Can Look Better in Photos without Photoshop

If you are tired of taking bad pictures of yourself, or never happy with how you look in the photos you get tagged in on Facebook these 8 tips will help you out.

1. Use Make Up – Obviously dont put too much on, but put enough on to make your face glow as opposed to shine.

2. Learn a pose.

3. Lean forward in photos, it makes your jaw line stand out, your body slimmer and your neck shorter.

4. Use your good side to your advantage. Everyone has a good side that they prefer, so put it to good use!.

5. Act natural and relax. You will appear far more attractive this way.

6. Try taking photos at sunset when the lighting will be more flattering, you will glow like the sun.

7. Try smiling more. A stern face or a moody pout doesn’t always work, a smile does though.

8. If you are on a night out, get pictures at the start of the night. If the camera adds 10 pounds, then booze adds 10 years. Evident by this picture.

Now you have all these tips, get out there and start snapping those selfies of yourself or with friends. You will be picture perfect every time.

h/t ViralNova

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